Cosmos Factfile – A Daisy Family Member

Imagine Cosmos gracefully moving around to a light breeze in the back of the garden. What a great splash of color with so many colors to choose from for almost any background in the garden….


How to Integrate Solar Panels into Your Garden

Philip Manning is an expert in garden design and eco-friendly garden space and after speaking to him to ask whether he would be interested in helping our readers to figure out the best possible ways…


Chrysanthemums – Know Your Garden Facts

Having enjoyed huge popularity in the 70s due to its versatility, endurance, value for money and long vase-life, the chrysanthemum fell out of favour in the 80s and, along with the poor carnation, is now…


Contemporary Garden Design Around The World

Creating a sanctuary in which you can take a break from the stress of every day life can be one of the most rewarding feelings known to home owners and a little bit of creative…

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