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Welcome to GardenNJ, the home of all of the best garden product reviews on the internet, created for readers just like you that are looking to get the best possible insight into products that you want, before you buy.

Our mission is simple, to create a comprehensive guide to the widest possible range of products for your home and garden, based on real life experience, so that you can see all of the pros, cons and alternative information you may need to know before parting with your money.

The team have a wealth of knowledge across everything from pizza ovens, BBQs and gardening tools through to tents and other camping products, based on years of loving the outdoors and spending thousands of pounds on the products featured here on our site.

With so much experience and information to give, GardenNJ should be the final stop for consumers that are looking to buy something new for their garden, as we ignore all of the sales hype and only tell you how the product actually performs, telling you honestly whether the products are worth the money or suggesting better alternatives for you to think about.

How GardenNJ Rates Products

While so many other comparison sites out there on the internet dare to cover products that they simply read about, our website is different, we have tried, tested and pushed each of the products that we feature within our review section.

In order to be consistent throughout the reviews that our team create, we have specific aspects that we look at dependent on the type of product that each review is about, however each of those will be clearly scored and mentioned within the indepth reviews to ensure that you get all of the insight you need to make an informed purchase.

The scale that we use to measure the score of each aspect is based on a 1-10 scoring point, with 10 being the highest and 1 being the minimum possible score.

All of the scores that we provide are based on the personal experience of the review creator and we suggest that you take a look at other sources of reviews should you wish to compare our opinions against others.

All Products Bought, Never Given

We know that there are a large number of sites out there on the internet that claim to offer honest reviews of products that they feature on their website, however, most of the sites that make these claims have remained open to product gifting in view of the manufacturers being given a good review.

Our integrity means that we will never provide a positive review for a product that we don’t feel warrants one, so because of that we always ensure that the reviewers that we have are creating informative reviews that we host here on our website that they are done on products that like you, they have paid for.

GardenNJ believe that this helps us to maintain our honest stance towards the information that we provide to you, so should for any reason we make an exception of this rule it will be clearly stated within the first paragraph of content that we produce, so that you know that the particular product that we are talking about has had an opinion made based on the product being free of charge to us.

That said, we would never provide a false review that has been shaped by comments requested by any brand or manufacturer, so you can be sure that you are getting our honest opinion on every single product that we review.

Top Picks vs Reviews

In order to give the GardenNJ community, even more value, we have made the decision that we should create a section within the site that is dedicated to bringing our readers lists of the best products within different categories.

To be able to do that without causing any confusion, we have created an alternative style of post that will highlight the best options across various categories and products and will present them to you as a top list.

These top list formatted posts are based on information and reviews from other online users, pieced together to give you a better perception of which products you should choose when you are looking for the best choice within a specific area.

The top list style posts will be very distinctive in terms of why they both read and look, with a number of products being mentioned within each of the posts that we create, while our honest product reviews will focus solely on the product being reviews.

If you require any further information about the differences between the two styles of posts, please don’t hesitate to contact our team via the Contact Page and send through any questions that you may have and we will try to get those answered as quickly as possible for you.