Gas Pizza Ovens

gas pizza ovenIf you are looking for a pizza oven that runs on gas, you have come to the right place because your guide Andrew has a huge amount of experience of using them, meaning that we can’t think of anyone better qualified to tell you about gas pizza ovens available on the market today.

Known for their quick and easy use, gas pizza ovens have become popular with alfresco diners that want to have a better level of both heating time and cooking temperatures while cooking in their new oven, as well as with those that want to avoid the smokey taste associated with cooking in wood fired ovens.

With the reduction of smokey aroma through the lack of wood burning, you can now allow your ingredients to take centre stage as you cook, giving you, even more control over the tastes that your pizza creations present.

Like gas BBQ’s, they have become a popular choice for those that like to be able to cook at specific temperatures to suit their own preferences, perfect for those that want to cook meat and other non-pizza based foods in their new oven.

The Best Gas Pizza Ovens

While traditional pizza ovens have been wood fired for that truly authentic flavour, the increase of gas-fired pizza ovens has resulted in multiple options being made available and here at GardenNJ our guide, Andrew, has been tasked with giving you a list of the best gas pizza ovens around.

Andrew has spent the past decade of his life advocating the use of pizza ovens and having used and tried a large selection of the modern ovens that are available, allowing him to give you his thoughts and opinions of the best gas pizza ovens this year.

He will be shedding some light on all types of gas ovens in this category, so whether you are new to pizza ovens or a dab handed professional, we will help you find the pizza oven that suits you.

Why you should choose a gas pizza oven

If you are filled with indecision about whether you should be looking at wood fired ovens, gas-powered or a more commercial style, then we thought that we would spend a couple of moments telling you why a gas pizza oven might be the best choice for you.

While personal preference will always reign supreme when it comes to choosing which style of oven is right for you, here are a couple of points that you might not have already thought about when you pick a gas fired oven.

No added smokey taste

While getting that woody, smokey taste is a huge selling point for many that are looking at buying a pizza oven, your personal preference could mean that you want to avoid that additional flavour and want your ingredients to do the talking.

As your heat is provided by the burning of gas rather than real wood, using a gas oven will mean that you eliminate the possibility of those smokey aromas adding to the flavour of your food, giving you a ‘cleaner’ taste.

Space saving

If you are looking for a pizza oven that can fit into a smaller space within your home or garden, the chances are that the majority of the more ‘slimline’ style ovens are going to be gas fired and with just the oven and a single bottle of gas required, the total space needed is significantly reduced.

We know that not everyone has the space to be able to have a fixed clay and brick oven installed due to their sheer size and add to that the fact that you are going to need somewhere to be able to store your burning wood, naturally the space needed quickly becomes challenging, especially for those with smaller outside living spaces.

Better temperature control

Cooking in a pizza oven certainly is one of the finer things in life but with the popularity of the ovens being used for more than simply cooking homemade pizzas, having the ability to be able to tailor the cooking temperature within the oven is definitely a welcome factor when it comes to gas powered ovens.

While being able to alter the temperature is positive, take a moment to think about the fact that it is also much easier to maintain a temperature constant to ensure that your food is cooked evenly, no matter which order it is placed into the oven.

This is a huge benefit for those that are looking to host friends and family gatherings, knowing that there will be a bigger number of mouths to feed, meaning that you don’t have to rush to get your food into the oven and cooked before the oven drops below your ideal temperature.

What benefits a gas pizza oven has over wood fired oven

  • Easier to clean after use as there are no embers to dispose of.
  • Better temperature control for longer cooking periods.
  • Reach cooking temperatures quicker than traditional wood fired ovens.
  • Often less space is needed where you intend to house the oven as no need for a wood store.