Maximus Pizza Oven Review

maximus outdoor pizza ovenThe Maximus pizza oven has become a popular choice for those that are looking for a wood fired pizza oven and while it has been proven to make some of the best tasting pizzas that you will have ever tasted, it handled literally everything that I had to throw at it, including meat and bread.

Believe me, the smell of the freshly baked bread coming from the oven is enough to make your mouth water.

Not the largest outdoor wood fired pizza oven that I will be reviewing for you but it has plenty of space for cooking your masterpieces for both friends and family, with me being able to comfortably fit two or three pizzas into the oven with plenty of space to get the pizza peel in there.

Okay, so here is my Maximus Outdoor Pizza Oven review – indepth and packed full of all the information you need to realise that the Maximus is the oven for you.


The Maximus wood fired pizza oven looks fantastic and is the pinnacle of what you would expect from a more traditional style of oven, making it a focal point for your garden that will be sure to keep those gatherings filled with plenty to talk about… Well okay, questions will mostly be about your oven!

Finished in Portuguese red brick, the Maximus looks like it cost over double the actual price thanks to the workmanship and quality of materials, so while your friends try to guess how much you spent, keep them guessing!

Maximus Size

Although it isn’t the biggest pizza oven that I have ever used or had the pleasure of owning, the Maximus is certainly up there as being one of the most impressive, however, measuring in at 60cm x 60cm, it would be one of the more medium sized ovens that I have used.

The Maximus may not command huge amounts of space in your garden but don’t let that fool you as getting the oven heated and being able to easily fit three medium to large pizzas into the cooking space means that it shouldn’t be ruled out for those that are looking to cater for alfresco style parties.

Hosting a gathering of 15 people I was able to feed everyone within just 10 minutes and there is simply nothing that compares to the faces of the children as they get to see you working that peel like a professional.

Heating Time

As we have mentioned in the guide to wood fired pizza ovens, paying attention to the heating time is highly recommended when you are looking to buy a pizza oven and with the Maximus I can reveal that it was faster than about 40% of the ovens that I have used through the last ten years.

After lighting the wood fire within the oven, it took approximately 30 minutes to reach between 350-400 degrees, pushing the temperature to the point of being slightly over what I believe to be the best temperature to cook pizza (300 degrees), so allow 10 minutes for the temperature to drop to closer that area before placing your food into the oven to avoid it burning.

Things to think about when buying the Maximus outdoor pizza oven

If you choose to buy the Maximus outdoor pizza oven then there will be a couple of things that you will need to bare in mind in order to get the best out of your new oven.

You will need a stable grounding

The Maximus pizza oven is made from Portuguese red brick, so don’t think that it’s small size means that it is going to be portable as from my experience, moving it from point A to point B is more of a challenge than it looks.

The oven, once completely built, weighs in at around 55kg so while it does mean that you can move the oven as required, it’s not something that you will be wanting to do regularly as that weight does quickly become challenging.

The Maximus outdoor pizza oven has hundreds of happy customers

Although the pizza oven market is still fairly new in terms of being a trend, the Maximus has become the choice for hundreds of customers throughout the UK and even more globally, making it one of the most popular wood fired ovens on the market right now.

With the summer months already here, are you going to be one of the latest BBQ lovers that have been converted to a whole new superior cooking experience?

The Maximus pizza oven comes as a complete oven set with free pizza peel

If you are looking for a one purchase solution, the Maximus certainly has that box ticked as you will be supplied with everything you need to embrace the truly rustic style of cooking that creates some of the best flavours you have ever experienced.

I was pleased to find that the oven came with a free pizza peel too, however, I did opt to upgrade to a peel from another brand as wanted a peel shaped with a bladed edge to make moving the food around the oven easier.

The Maximus oven does not come with stand included

While many of the images of the Maximus show the oven placed on a stand, it should be noted that you are buying the oven set only and no stand is supplied as part of the price.

That wasn’t so much of an issue for me as I have a larger garden space that had a level space that I could place the oven onto, however, for those that need a stand for the oven, I would suggest getting one of good quality but don’t spend a fortune on it as you won’t require any bells and whistles here.

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