Mediterrani Royal Pizza Oven Review

Mediterrani Royal pizza ovenThe Mediterrani Royal pizza oven proved to be a complete delight to use and that could be why it is considered to be one of the market leaders and own one myself at our villa in Spain, it certainly sets the bar for all other wood fired ovens.

It may not be the prettiest oven that I have owned but the performance is truly spectacular and with more cooking space than I have ever needed, it is the perfect step up from the Maximus for those that are looking for a little more space for maximum pizza output.

The oven has proven to split opinion in terms of whether or not is a centrepiece of our villa grounds, some have said that it certainly draws the eye while as you can see from the picture that it blends in well into its surroundings, which was the aim when we installed it.


I have already mentioned that in my personal opinion the Mediterrani Royal pizza oven isn’t about to win any beauty awards but while it looks like a hobbit’s home, to those that are yet to experience the thrill of cooking in a real wood fired pizza oven, it is something that they can’t stop admiring.

A brick and clay oven that is delivered complete by multiple delivery men, it certainly has more weight than I had experienced before having previously always tried to stick to ovens that I could move if I needed to, but at 520kg, this is designed to be installed and left in place.

The quality of the materials used are clear and so they should be when you are parting with this sort of money, but while you will be paying more the oven is also giving you more.


The Mediterrani Royal oven is one of the larger ovens that I have owned and measuring in at 100cm x 100cm you can establish that it isn’t going to be suitable for those that have a small space available, but believe me when I say that if you can make additional room and it fits within your budget, making allowances is certainly worth it.

As I have already mentioned earlier, weighing in at 520kg, the oven is heavy and took three men to move it safely and we are all fairly large guys, so to be on the safe side think about making sure that you have 4/5 available to you if you need to move the oven over a longer distance.

Heating Time

Made from brick with a clay exterior, the Mediterrani is a bigger oven than most that you may have taken a look at, so with a bigger cooking space and overall a larger surface to have to heat, you are going to need to allow a little longer for the oven to reach cooking temperature.

Using it, we find that it often takes about 40-45 minutes to get the oven to about 400 degrees but the quality of cooking that the oven offers is definitely worth the waiting time so don’t be put off by that additional heating period.

While the heating time seemed to be increased due to the size and brick material used, I found that getting the temperature to drop to where we needed to cook our food also took a little longer, resulting in us opening the door a little wider than we had to with other ovens.

That means that for those with children, you are going to have to make sure that they stay clear while the oven is either heating or cooling, although that is universal to all ovens, not just this one.

Things to think about when buying the Mediterrani Royal Pizza Oven

So you are thinking about buying the Mediterrani oven, well that is a great choice so let me first congratulate you on reaching that decision, but let me give you a couple of points that you definitely need to think about before you hit that checkout button.

The Mediterrani is a large oven

Measuring in at a metre square, you are going to need to ensure that you have the space to be able to not only place the oven on a solid surface but also have enough space to host the oven and a wood store.

As you can see from the picture, I created a custom-built surface that allows me to store the wood close to the oven, so maybe that is something that you could think about?

You are going to need help to move it

I can’t stress enough that this is one of the heaviest ovens that I have had the pleasure of owning, so make sure that you pay attention to the fact that I am telling you that it comes to you completely built, all 520kg of it.

Don’t think that you can move it alone or with just one other person unless you have something like a trolley to help you cover any sort of distance as dropping the oven will be an expensive mistake and could mean that you wouldn’t get the pleasure of trying out the delights that it can provide.

You can cook 3 or 4 large pizzas at a time

Forget about cooking small, individual pizzas as the oven is built for showcasing your Gordon Ramsey style to as many people as you can and with more than enough space to be able to cook 3 or 4 pizzas at a time, it’s your time to shine chef!

I have easily cooked pizzas at 16 inches in the oven and blown the mind of our guests that can’t wait for their next invite this summer.

Cleaning the oven is easy due to its size

Some ovens that I have used in the past have had small doors on the front, meaning that clearing the embers can be difficult at times, especially if you have been cooking in the oven for a while and had to ensure that the fire was large enough to provide you with enough time to see your evening through.

The Mediterrani oven has a large opening and large space within the cooking area, meaning that being able to clear the embers quickly and easily with a larger brush speeds up the whole process.

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