Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

There is no comparison to the stunning taste of freshly cooked pizza when it has been cooked with a wood fired pizza oven as just like when you BBQ over charcoal, there is a unique smokey taste found deep within the food that gives a whole new level to the taste you experience.

While the flavour of the food is in our belief is enhanced, one of the biggest advantages of wood fired pizza ovens is the speed at which you can cook your food, making them ideal for those that are looking to cater for a higher number of diners.

Those that are looking for a truly rustic way of cooking should definitely be interested in taking a look at the wood fired oven options available to them as they are widely recognised for being the superior ovens on the market, hence the reason that you will see them being used widely in restaurants across the world.

GardenNJ will not only help you to get honest insight into the most popular wood fired pizza ovens available, we will also give you our list of the best wood fired pizza ovens, so if you are looking for that real, rustic flavour you can find it easier than ever before.

The Best Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

As we are looking to give you the chance to make the most informed decision when it comes to choosing the best wood fired pizza oven for you, we have asked your host, Andrew, to give his thoughts and opinions on both the best-selling ovens and those that he has used that might present themselves to be a diamond in the rough.

Taking all levels of use into consideration, Andrew will help you to determine which of these ovens are best for beginners, professionals and those that sit in-between, known as hobbyists.

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What is a ‘Wood Fired’ pizza oven?

Pizza ovens that use wood as a source of fuel are known as ‘wood fired’ pizza ovens and are more commonly made from clay, brick, stone or concreate in order to allow them to have both a higher tolerance of heat as well as a higher retention rate over long periods of time.

In order to heat the oven, the user would light a wood fire inside of the oven and allow the heat from the fire to create a perfect cooking temperature, hot enough to not only cook your pizza’s in minutes but also more than capable of cooking meat faster than a more traditional kitchen oven.

Why you should choose ‘wood fired’ over other pizza ovens

For those of you that are trying to determine which style of pizza oven you should purchase, you should know that for that authentic, rustic flavour you can’t get any better than wood fired ovens.

Their ability to be able to cook food quickly and the mouth-watering smokey taste is something that gas and commercial ovens simply can’t replicate, taking some of the most delicious flavours and adding a whole new dimension to them without any more effort.

Possibly the easiest form of cooking in pizza ovens, wood fired ovens have become the ultimate in alfresco dining and with prices falling to make them more affordable than ever, they continue to surprise you time after time.

What to think about when buying a ‘wood fired’ pizza oven

Now that you have come to the conclusion that you want to experience the most superior style of cooking that pizza ovens have to offer, we thought that it would be helpful if we could provide you with some helpful insight into what you should think about when looking to buy your first wood fired oven.

Heating Time

If you are looking to buy a pizza oven, the chances are that you aren’t going to be cooking for just yourself, so thinking about how long it takes for an oven to heat to the point that you can start showcasing your inner Jamie Oliver.

Taking a look at the indicated heating time that each oven has will allow you to work out how soon you need to light the wood fire within the oven prior to cooking and how long after lighting the fire, the oven reaches the best cooking temperature.

The heating time is effected by a number of other aspects of the oven, including the materials that it is made from, the size and how well the oven retains the heat that you are generating.

Cooking Capacity

Although the size of the oven can impact the time it takes for the oven to heat up to cooking temperature, it won’t affect the amount of food that you can cook and with a pizza oven reaching heats over 400°C, a medium sized pizza will cook in as little as 60-90 seconds.

For those that are looking to use their pizza oven to cater for larger groups of friends or family, we suggest that looking at trying to get a larger cooking capacity would be a good idea as it would mean that you can cook multiple pizzas at the same time, however, it isn’t vital as with such a small waiting time, you aren’t about to get any complaints of guys being hungry.

Temperature Preservation

When you plan to experience the delight that a wood fired pizza oven has to offer, you want to be able to enjoy the mouth-watering food until you are bursting at the seams, meaning that you are going to want to keep your oven at cooking temperature for as long as possible.

With the ovens reaching over 400°C, food cooks quickly and that is one of the main reasons that pizza ovens are quickly becoming the new BBQ’s of the alfresco dining world but an oven that struggles to be able to hold the heat generated from the wood fire.

How to use a wood fired pizza oven

A wood fired pizza oven makes use of a wood fuelled fire that you light within the oven, allowing the fire to generate the heat that will be used to cook the food that you intend place inside.

Once the fire is lit, you will allow the fire to burn until there is nothing but the embers remaining.

At this point there are two options that you can choose, either to use a pizza oven brush to empty the embers out of the oven or for those that are looking for that authentic smoked flavour, push them to the side to allow the food to cook with the smokey aroma still within the oven.

For the best results, you want to cook pizza at around 300°C and for those that want to cook meat, you should allow the oven to cool to roughly 200°C to get the best cooking experience.